World.Net Services Limited (“World.Net” or the “Company”) and the Board are strongly committed to achieving high standards of corporate governance.


Corporate Governance Statement

World.Net’s Corporate Governance Statement details the Company’s main corporate governance practices and compliance with the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Principles and Recommendations.


Code of Conduct and Ethics

World.Net’s Code of Conduct and Ethics governs all of the Company’s commercial operations and the conduct of directors, employees, consultants, contractors and others when they represent World.Net.


Continuous Disclosure Policy

World.Net’s Continuous Disclosure Policy is designed to ensure that all directors, employees and contractors are aware of the continuous disclosure obligations of the Company and to implement a procedure for the central collection, assessment and if required, release to the ASX, of material Information.


Shareholder Communications Policy

World.Net’s Shareholder Communications Policy promotes effective communications with shareholders, ensures all information relevant to their shareholding is disseminated to shareholders, and encourage effective participation by shareholders at the Company’s General Meetings.


Securities Trading Policy

World.Net’s Securities Trading Policy has been implemented in an effort to prevent the incidence of insider trading in the Company’s securities by directors, employees and their associates.

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